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Carson's Child Support Consultations, Process & Notary Services Austin TX

Child Support Consultation Services
At Carson's Child Support Consultations, I sit down with you and talk about your child support issues and help you with resources and information on how the child support process works. I have over 28 years of child support experience. I can also talk about child support cases that are out of state.

Private Process Server Services
If you're in need of having someone served in the following Counties: Bastrop, Fayette, Lee, Caldwell, Gonzales, Milam, and other surrounding counties in TX please give me a call or email me.  

Citations, Subpoena’s, Summons: starting at, $75.00, this includes 3 attempts
Rush Service: $35.00
State and National Service fee: $50.00 plus servers fee
Please call for additional services and fees
ALR Subpoena's
Secretary of State Filings $75.00 (plus $55.00 filing fee)
Writs / TRO / Show Cause Orders / Protective Orders $105.00
Secretary of State filings

Skip Tracing 
I’m also available to do locate on someone if you are requesting someone served. I do ask and verify if there are protective orders against the other party when it comes to locating services.
$85.00 - $160.00 per job
$50.00 per address search but cannot have any family violence against the person you are searching and I will verify.

I do mediation between parties who have been court ordered or not and need mediation for issues that cannot be agreed upon. If there are not attorneys involved I can do the mediations at my office.

$100.00 per hour per person, without attorneys

Notary Services Available:
Many documents required by the court system requires that the signatures be verified by a notary public. There is no need to go looking for[b] notary services Austin TX.[/b] At Carson's Child Support Consultations, we can notarize your documents.

$6.00 for first page, at the office.
$50.00 for Mobile Notary starting in Bastrop County, fee increases the further I have to drive.

Disclaimer: I do not give legal advice and if you are in need of legal advice please contact an attorney